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Holistic Health

We are here to assist you in optimizing your physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health. Holly works with several modalities and pulls from her years of experience to create a health plan just for YOU.

Holistic Health


We are here to assist you in optimizing your physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health. Holly works with several modalities and pulls from her years of experience to create a health plan just for YOU.

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Whether you are young or old your health is one of your most valued assets as a human. Some of us seek health opportunities in many different ways. Conventional medical doctors are our societal norm. Western Medicine certainly has it’s valued place in our lives when it’s needed. If you want to learn lifestyle choices, holistic care practices, and vital options for preventative care a health and wellness consultation may be what you’ve been searching for.

I am a Certified Iridologist and Natural Health Advisor and I am here to help you…

Holly has worked in the alternative health field for 9 years and is certified in Iridology and natural health. In a Health and Wellness consultation your ailments will be discussed in detail, fears and concerns met head on with guidance and resolution, and a solid plan will be laid out for you to follow in easy to understand form. Your consultation is 1 hour in length and allows for you to discuss and find solutions for ongoing health concerns as well as preventative maintenance for your overall body well-being.   

Holly has a passion for helping individuals feel their best so that life is enjoyable. Having health issues of her own most of her life she wanted to find a way to put into practice what she has learned and used in her own life. Being able to provide wellness measures for the whole family unit is a beautiful process.

  • I was told that my son would grow out of his eczema and allergies. But I knew in my gut that I couldn’t accept that answer. After just one appointment here I had actual answers, supplements, and support to help heal my sons gut and skin. It’s been such an awesome experience watching him grow and heal! For anyone who is on the fence about holistic health I promise you, make your appointment and get your answers! I am so thankful for all Holly has done for my family.

    thumb William Kirchoff
    July 20, 2021

    I can not say enough about Holly! She has been with me and my family for 3 years now walking with us through our health journey. I first had Holly as my doula in 2017 for my first child, she was phenomenal! She was my doula again in 2018 with the birth of my son. Since then she has been providing care to the entire family. I've battled with my hormone imbalances, she nailed down the root problems and provided me with a protocol to follow that is leading me through my healing process. My husband has terribly high cholesterol as well as problems with his liver. Holly gave us a protocol for him that even our family doctor is impressed with the results. He has not had to go on prescription medications because the protocol he is on is actively dropping his numbers. My three year old daughter was having a difficult time waking during the night overwhelmed with emotion, frustrated, screaming, lashing out. I knew something was off. We met with Holly and she started her on a protocol that has met her needs and within a week those episodes went away. Holly provides unmatched care to every individual she meets with. I can not recommend her enough. She has changed the health of my family drastically. She has been an absolute blessing!

    thumb Olivia English
    March 1, 2021
  • Been so helpful for my entire family, easy to talk to and they are able to break it down and let you know what needs to addressed first. We enjoy going there and Knowing we will feel better in no time

    thumb Kelsey Capps
    January 19, 2022

    I suffered debilitating panic attacks for over a year. Nothing worked to cure my anxiety. With the recommendation of a friend, I made an appt. with Holly and from the muscle test she was able to find out that I had a build up of heavy metals and my adrenals were depleted. She gave me supplements to rid my body of the heavy metals and to replenish my adrenals. I felt significantly better within a month. I went from about 30% to 70% improvement! I feel like myself again. Very thankful for Holly and her expertise in holistic health.

    thumb Clint Rackers
    October 5, 2021

Working with our Holistic Health Advisor you will be able to...

Wellness is not only about fitness. Healthy foods, exercise, rest, and meditation are all part of the equation. Holistic health is the total act of practicing good health habits on a regular basis to achieve better mental and physical health results, so you’re not just surviving today, but thriving in the future. To fully understand the importance of wellness, it is important to fully understand what holistic health is. This definition will be broken down into three major categories: mind/body, whole-body, and spirit.

Holistic health is not a new concept. In fact, thousands of years ago, wise men from ancient times called for a balance of mind, body, and spirit. The goal of well-being programs is to promote a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy behaviors and attitudes as well as healthy behaviors and attitudes. Some of the health behaviors that are critical to promoting wellness are positive self-image, appropriate social behavior, sound sleep, good physical health, and the ability to have compassion for others.

There are many components to developing a program for overall whole-body health. The first step is choosing the right wellness program for you. Many programs are designed for different age groups, health statuses, or physical abilities and capabilities. Working with your own holistic health advisor is an excellent way to establish a plan that is right for you and tailored to your individual needs to achieve the goals you have established for yourself.

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Working with me means…

If your desire is to learn ways to better assess your family’s health issues and care for your loved ones on a more holistic basis; Holly can meet with you and discuss options for a more holistic lifestyle and help coach and guide you along your path to a new and improved life. Having a skill set in multifaceted areas of natural health Holly is able to help all age ranges develop a holistic lifestyle. Some ways she may assist your family is by helping you trade out your conventional over the counter medications in your home for herbs and supplements, changing out your chemical diaper bag/baby items for chemical free or do it yourself products, or simply discuss an action plan to change the way your family is living to reach new health goals.

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